Cliff Acred


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Band Instrument Repairman
Company Name
Amro Music

Cliff Acred began playing music in junior high school and later majored in music in college.  He played in the 3rd Army Band out of Atlanta while in the service and once out returned home to Memphis.  Cliff was hired to play bass in the house bands for Sun Records and later for Stax Records.  At the same time he operated the American Music Store with his friend Jack Hale.  When both men were busy doing session work they decided to close the store.  He worked at the store from 1963-73, when he and Jack closed the doors.  After his studio work moved to Nashville in the 1970s, Cliff was hired by Clip Averwater at Amro Music to repair band instruments, a job Cliff absolutely loves!