Cosmo Watts


Oral History Information

Cosmo Watts is a multi-talented musician and songwriter who played an important role in the music products industry as a sound designer, synthesizer programmer and music teacher. Growing up in a home surrounded by music, his father was close friends with big band vibraphonist Red Norvo. Cosmo began working at a local music store at 15 years old and later formed his own band, The Farm, which had a hit with “Rockin’ Chair.” He worked for several music stores as his professional career developed and attended his first NAMM Show in 1968. His interest in electronics led him to become a sound designer for E-mu and Yamaha, creating over 4,000 patches for the DX7 and working directly with musicians, such as Keith Emerson, designing unique sounds for recordings and movie soundtracks. Cosmo later served as a road rep for Korg/Marshall/Vox and then Line 6 for six years. He retired to Las Vegas where he provides music lessons at Family Music Center.

August 15