Cymbal Vignette

One of the most archaic yet essential instruments in the music and percussion industry is the cymbal.  With its origins dating back as far as 3,000 B.C., the cymbal has been used in various settings including rituals, celebrations, worship, military purposes, and enjoyment.   After alchemist and cymbal maker Avedis Zildjian migrated from Istanbul, Turkey to the United States in the early 1900’s, he started to grow and develop his family’s legacy alongside the jazz era.  Thus, the cymbal industry flourished.  Some of the top cymbal manufacturers of today include Avedis Zildjian, SABIAN, Istanbul, Paiste, Bosphorus, Meinl, Orion, and many more.  This compilation touches on different aspects of cymbal making and testing, including discussion with Istanbul Product Specialist Bulent Akbay, Avedis Zildjian Company Head Cymbal Tester Leon Chiappini, Orion Cymbals Public Relations Associate Paulinho “Sorriso” dos Santos, SABIAN Founder Robert Zildjian, and Avedis Zildjian Company President Craigie Zildjian.


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