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Música & Mercado

Daniel Neves is the founder of Música & Mercado (Music & Market), a Brazil-based magazine that focuses on promoting music-making and musical products. His passion for the industry led to his long-time leadership role in the country’s musical trade association ANIFIMA (the Brazillian Music Industry Association). Anafirma was founded to help facilitate the growth of the Brazilian music market and has done so in many ways over the years. Working with the NAMM Foundation, Anafirma has developed many programs to encourage people to make music throughout the country. Daniel began his interesting career at the age of just 17 when he took over a music publishing business. He later served as the Brazilian rep for Modern Drummer magazine and as marketing manager for a local percussion and drum company. In June 2022 Daniel received the NAMM Believe In Music award for his ongoing dedication to music advocacy.