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Sound Techniques Recording Studio

Danny White is the owner of the famed Sound Techniques Recording Studio, located in the United Kingdom, which began in 1964.  The studio had its own sound (based largely on the custom made mixing consoles) that enriched the recordings of Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, John Martyn and The Who!  In the early part of his career, Danny owned 16 Tons Recording Studio in Nashville, which boasted of a TREE console and recorded the likes of Buddy Guy, Poco, Little Jimmy Dickens and Sheryl Crow, just to name four.  The studio, located on Music Row, was first opened in 2004 and enjoyed a working relationship with several top labels including RCA, which was Danny’s introduction to the historic RCA Studio B in Nashville (oh, that’s another great story!).  Along the way, Danny has become a historian of sorts, collecting the great music stories of our past and sharing them, such as this clip from his NAMM interview about Buddy Holly.