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Voce Inc.

Dave Amels is a huge fan of the Hammond B-3 organ, which he’s played on records and with garage rock bands including Husky Team and The Reigning Sound. In the late ’80s he co-founded Voce Music Instruments and made MIDI modules that faithfully recreated B-3 sounds and Leslie speaker effects. He went on to use his mathematical models of complex physical systems to make Pro Tools plug-in versions of vintage analog processors like the Universal Audio LA-2A, Moogerfooger stompboxes, and SansAmp PSA-1 guitar preamp for Bomb Factory Digital (which he also co-founded). During the early 2000s, Tom Tuscon and Sonia Lynne — formally of the Hammond Organ Company — teamed with Dave to found Diversi, maker of organs for Gospel churches. In 2006, Dave co-founded AnaMod Audio to make audio processors —compressor, limiter, tube amplifier, mic preamp, and magnetic tape simulator — using analog computing technology instead of microprocessors and digital signal-processing chips.