David '5-1' Norman


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Tour Director/Tour Manager
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Tour Forensics

David '5-1' Norman stands as a cornerstone in the music industry's world of logistics with his four decades of global touring expertise. As a seasoned tour director, manager, production maestro and meticulous tour accountant, David has orchestrated the seamless execution of countless world-renowned artists' tours, spanning diverse musical genres—from the legendary Prince to the soulful melodies of Alicia Keys. Amidst the pandemic's upheaval, David pivoted gracefully, assuming the role of adjunct professor at William Paterson University, enriching minds in the music business program. David has provided lectures across the nation, sharing insights at institutions like NYU and Belmont University. Beyond academia, his voice reverberates through podcasts, webinars and professional publications, offering glimpses into the intricacies of the touring industry. David's past as a drummer and studio engineer enriches his multifaceted persona, while his dedication to organizations like Well Dunn underscores his commitment to fostering mentorship programs throughout the industry.