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Ellis Piano

David Ellis is the founder of Ellis Piano in Birmingham, Alabama. The store’s staff includes his sons who are proudly following in their father’s footsteps in providing high-quality pianos and top customer service. David’s own love for the piano all began when his mother purchased a piano at the county fair from Dick Reeves’ Piano Service. Some years later, in 1971, David was hired by that same store to deliver pianos and he fell in love with the business, especially the idea of helping each customer find the perfect instrument for their needs. In 1983, David opened his own piano store, offering Wurlitzer instruments, which grew thanks in large part to the ads he ran in the Yellow Pages. The relationships he built over the years with industry leaders resulted in some of David’s most cherished memories. For example, the time Mr. Nikolaus Schimmel came to his store and helped design their special showroom or when the founder of Fazioli Pianos picked David to represent his company in the United States and personally traveled from Italy to meet him and his staff. Surrounded by his sons, his great staff and the career he loves, David Ellis is a happy man!