David Schommer


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Swing Band Leader
Company Name
Mississippi Community Symphonic Band

David Schommer was playing in the Mississippi Community Symphonic Band when he approached the conductor, David Miller, and inquired about forming a swing band. David had the vision of a swing community band that would play the roots music of the area, jazz, and the blues, in the hope of keeping the music alive. Mr. Miller gave his blessing and provided his support and soon the swing band was performing around the state for holiday parties and parades. David was asked to form offshoots of the swing band such as a brass band for Saint Patrick’s Day parades and an oompah band for German Fest. In 2015, David helped establish the Musical Instrument Drive, a program which seeks to donate instruments to schools as loaners for families who cannot always afford the rental costs, which has resulted in hundreds of kids staying involved with their school bands.