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Kramer’s Piano Shop

Dean Kramer's deep-rooted passion for music stems from his upbringing in a family immersed in musical traditions. With a mother who dedicated six decades to teaching and playing piano and organ, and a father who served as a pastor, Dean's childhood was rich with musical influences. From an early age, he honed his skills on the trumpet and piano, and eventually led his church choir for more than two decades. Inspired by his uncle Russell, a pianist, Dean found himself drawn to the art of piano restoration and tuning, a craft he began mastering as a young enthusiast. Even during his college years, Dean managed to tune pianos for six different stores, showcasing his talent and dedication. At just 16, fueled by his passion and supported by his father, Dean ventured into entrepreneurship, opening his own piano shop in a small country town spanning four states. Over the years, his commitment to music led him to expand his business, eventually establishing a piano store in Maryland in 1974. For Dean, the gift of music is unparalleled, and through his endeavors, he strives to share this gift with others, enriching lives and communities through the power of music.