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DeLab Consulting

Denis Labrecque formed DeLab Consulting in 2015 after a series of positions in the synthesizer, computer music and digital signal processing fields. It all began with learning analog modular synthesis at Electronic Music Laboratories (EML), then working with the team from there that became Star Instruments, producing the famed Synare 3 electronic drum. His growing knowledge and interest in personal computers led him to be part of key developments for Passport Designs (MasterTracks Pro, Encore) at the dawn and the expansion of MIDI technology. He managed the development of the award winning APS card for Emu Systems and later worked for Staccato Systems, marketing software-based synthesis and game-audio tools. While at Analog Devices, he promoted the popular SoundMAX PC audio system and helped expand the use of SHARC DSPs in the Pro Audio industry.  You can say Denis was there when new technologies were being applied to music making.  He still is.