Dennis Guillaume


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Sales and Marketing Manager
Company Name
Kimball Piano Company

Dennis Guillaume began his career in the music industry in piano retail in the late 70's, a position he feels very much assisted him when he worked for Kimball Pianos throughout the 1980's. During this time the piano industry was experiencing steady decline. In an effort to reverse the trends, Dennis took part in several marketing and promotional projects including the 1984 Olympics in which 84 grand pianos were used in the opening ceremonies and the 1988 Super Bowl in which 88 grand pianos were used during the half time program –and every last one of the pianos were Kimball. Dennis saw to that. About the time the company exited the piano business in 1996, Dennis decided to move on and would later work for the UMI, which became Conn-Selmer during the time Dennis was employed there. After a brief stint at Gemstone Musical Instruments/Gemeinhardt, Inc, he retired from the company but continues to stay active in the industry taking photographs of products for several companies, many of which are located in his home town of Elkhart.