Dick Boak


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Director of Artist Relations
Company Name
C.F. Martin & Co.

Dick Boak has served as Director of Artist Relations for the C.F. Martin & Company during the development of the popular signature series product line, as well as for such historic projects as Martin's One Millionth Guitar.  Dick has been passionate about the company's important past ever since joining the company in 1976 and has long served as Martin's historian.  Dick studied the history of the company, which was formed in 1833, and wrote the book "Martin Guitar Masterpieces" in 2005.  Over the years Dick worked long and hard to establish the now popular Artist Signature Guitars series working with Eric Clapton, and the Limited Edition series, which began in 1994 with the Gene Autry guitar.   A follow up interview with Dick was completed in October 2013 at the Martin headquarters building. Dick retired from Martin in 2018.