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The Universal Zulu Nation

Afrika Bambaataa, known as the godfather of Hip Hop, prefers to be referred to as the "Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture." He is one of the trinity of DJs known as the founders of Hip Hop. From his home turf of Bronx River, Afrika Bambaataa nurtured the development of Hip Hop culture from it's beginnings to present, across the globe,  establishing Universal Zulu Nation chapters and rocking concerts, parties, jams and raves worldwide. Considered to be one of the first Hip Hop activists, Bambaataa had a hand in uniting the street gangs in the Bronx in a movement toward peace. One of his most famous mottos is Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun! Always progressive in his taste for music, his style, rhythmic understanding and use of little known recordings helped establish him as the "Master of Records" and “the Father of Electro Sound.” Afrika Bambaataa rightly added Knowledge as the crucial 5th element of Hip Hop culture (alongside the dance forms, aerosol art, DJing and MC'ing).