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DJ Chris The Glove remembers when he was a kid listening to Grandmaster Flash’s The Wheels of Steel on repeat trying to figure out what he was hearing and how he could replicate that sound. Chris first became well known for his 1984 appearance in the classic hip-hop movie Breakin’ and for producing the song “Reckless” with Ice-T for the movie soundtrack. The soundtrack, which included David Storrs performing with Chris on the track “Reckless,” gave credit to the emerging West Coast Hip-Hop DJs and a powerful foothold into the nearby Hollywood movie scene. Movies, soundtracks and records followed and soon Chris became a mentor to the next generation of artists. As a producer Chris worked with Dr. Dre , Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Ice Cube, Xzibit with production and mixing work on the groundbreaking "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle,” Nas on “Phone Tap", Ice-T on “Go Off” as well as his own records “Tibetan Jam” and “Itchiban Scratch.”