Don Randall


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Former President
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Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

Don Randall met Leo Fender before World War II when both men worked in radio repairs. After the war they decided to form a business together that would allow Leo to focus on developing a line of guitars. Don’s history of radio amplifiers and his business education made for a perfect match. The Fender Guitar Company began work on a series of electric guitars and Don named all of the products Leo designed. First he named the Broadcaster, then the Telecaster and by the time rock was rolling into popularity Don named the next line of guitars the Stratocaster –perhaps the most popular design of electric guitars on the planet. Don went on to have an equally important role in the design of the solid state amplifier when he opened Randall Corp. in 1970. The company introduced several innovative products before Don sold the business in the late 1990s.