Dusti Dryer

Dusti Dryer was just one year old when she was dubbed the world’s youngest musician. A photograph of her playing the harmonica, or rather holding it, was featured in a magazine and launched her career as a musician. Dusti took a liking to the drums and formed small groups, mostly all women, playing gigs in the Los Angeles area. Her groups were in highest demand during World War II when she played for army camps, clubs and ballrooms. Dusti also appeared in movies and had a very early television program back in the late 1940s. She is thought to be one of the earliest musicians to play the newly developed Speed King drum pedal and she played Slingerland Drums most of her professional career. Nowadays, Dusti can be found playing in her group Groovin’ Grannies dressed in sparkles sharing her love of music with everyone she meets.

Interview Date:
November 7, 2019
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