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Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center

Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Company serves as a focal point for the music makers all around the DC area and is one of the premier music retail stores in the country.  The store also stands as a lasting tribute to the man behind the name, Mr. Chuck Levin.  Mr. Levin passed away before he could share his stories for the NAMM Oral History program; however, his impact was and is so great that a special one-of-a-kind oral history was created in honor of him.  The life and career of Mr. Levin was compiled on March 27, 2009, at the store he opened with his wife.  On that day to tell his story was his wife, their three children and 15 employees whose career at the store ranged from 9 to 40 years.  They all spoke of Mr. Levin’s life and love of the industry and the incredible family feeling so evident to those who visit the store.  This collection of short interviews serves to be an oral history tribute to Mr. Levin.  In order of their appearance: Randy White, Darren Zentek, Will White, Gloria Williams, Carl Culos, Coleman O'Donohue, Byron Toney, Janice Clark, Ed Spence, Judy Drengwitz, David Fox, Pic Flora, Ken Wingate and Paul Schein.