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Fox17 Rock & Review

Eric Dahl recalls his father playing bass guitar as a kid and the wide range of records in his home growing up, from jazz to the blues. As a small child, he was given a Casper the Friendly Ghost crank-up plastic guitar but played on it enough that he was given a more serious guitar when he was just five years old. He played in his dad’s band, and churches and even was in a band that opened for Tower of Power in Las Vegas back in 2001. While at a local pawn shop, Eric discovered and purchased a guitar that once belonged to BB King. You must read his book about this capper, which ends with a friendship with the blues legend. Eric became an expert on music gear, writing articles for Bruce Adolph’s magazines and landing a gig on Fox17 News in Nashville, with a regular segment entitled Rock & Review. In that role, he has interviewed hundreds of musicians who take time to talk about their gear, which is a fan favorite in Music City!