Fabrice Vignati


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Musician, Vocalist

Fabrice Vignati and his wife Tracy teamed up to create a new take on Rockabilly music, which they call Gypsybilly. Being a fan of Rockabilly since he was a kid, Fabrice brings the classic elements of the musical form together with the influences of artists such as jazz great Django Reinhardt. Django was a pioneer of gypsy jazz or jazz manouche, which originated in France when he performed with violinist Stéphane Grappelli. Together they improvised while relying on their percussive approach to be used instead of drums. Rockabilly combines country and blues with elements of bluegrass and R&B and is strongly associated with Elvis Presley’s guitarist Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, Dorsey and Johnny Burnette. Tracy and Fabrice effectively channel their musical influences into their unique style and have several albums including their first, The Birth of Gypsybilly!