Francesco Passera


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Music Center SRL

Francesco Passera's journey in music began with a lifelong passion. While his sister pursued guitar and piano performance, Francesco's path led him to business school and a career outside of music for 20 years. However, his love of music never waned, leading him back to the industry. In 2021, Francesco met Mr. Pisoni, founder of Music Center SRL, and assumed the role of president. The company specializes in producing reliable pads for clarinets and saxophones, with a focus on fostering strong customer relationships around the world. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Music Center remained resilient, ensuring uninterrupted operations to support repair shops in need of parts. Francesco is dedicated to his role, cherishing the opportunity to work alongside Mr. Pisoni and the Music Center team while expanding the company's offerings through strategic acquisitions like Rovner Products in 2023.