Fritz Tasch


Fritz Tasch was born in Kecskemét, Hungary and apprenticed in a violin making school in Mittenwald, Germany. He learned the trade of first building violins, violas, cellos and other historic instruments. He worked in Italy, Germany and Switzerland before immigrating to the United States in 1965 with five dollars in his pocket. During the day he worked at Scherl & Roth (Mr. Roth was his sponsor and helped Fritz with his green card) and by night he repaired instruments and bows for members of the Cleveland orchestra. When his friend Rudy Schlacher expanded his music retail business in Chicago to a chain of stores, Fritz was hired to manage all of the locations, which he later purchased from Rudy. Thus, began Fritz’s long career in music retailing. His stores, The Sound Post, centered around combo instruments, especially guitars, amplifiers, and synthesizers. However, over the years, Fritz and his son Jeff focused on pianos. Today their store, Grand Piano Haus in Skokie, Illinois, is a standing testament to their commitment to their customers and their passion for the music industry.