Gabe Starkey


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Fox Products

Gabe Starkey's journey to president of Fox Products is a testament to his dedication and passion for music. With a love for music and a deep appreciation for manufacturing, Gabe's path led him to the helm of a company renowned worldwide for its band instruments. Fox Products, founded in 1949 by Hugo Fox, has been a cornerstone in the musical instrument industry, catering in the early years to bassoonists in the United States but quickly expanding to musicians around the globe. Gabe's father, Tony, acquired the company in 2012, following the footsteps of Alan Fox, Hugo's son. Stepping into the company as marketing director in 2014, Gabe quickly rose through the ranks, embodying the legacy of quality and service established by the Fox family. As president, Gabe continues to uphold and expand upon the vision set forth by Hugo, Alan and his father, ensuring that musicians everywhere have access to top-notch instruments and unwavering support.