Garry Beers


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Musician, Bassist

Garry Beers, also known as Garry Gary Beers, lost a bet with his schoolmates and had to be the person in the group to switch from guitar to bass. A funny beginning for a musician who has become an influential rock bassist! His first band in 1975 was called Legolas Elvin Warrior, which led to his meeting Andrew Fariss a few years later when the two formed the group Dr. Dolphin. Their playing together seemed special to both musicians and encouraged them to develop their own sound, which later involved Andrew’s drumming brother Jon. As Garry developed his skills as a songwriter, the group renamed themselves INXS. The band enjoyed a 20-year ride, with million-selling records, sold-out tours, and hit singles such as “Original Sin,” “I Send a Message,” “Burn for You” and "What You Need.” In 2015 he formed the band Stadium and continues to write and record with the same drive and passion he had when he first picked up the bass.