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Gary Asher was working at Nuncie’s Music in Birmingham, Alabama when he provided a tour and interview for the NAMM Oral History program, just three years after the program began. Gary worked in the store as its General Manager for 25 years, all the while teaching drums and percussion and buying and trading vintage drum gear.  Today he has one of the largest collections of drums in the world and amazing industry knowledge to go along with each and every item in his growing collection.  Gary is also the founder of Gary Asher's Drum School, which he created along with this dear wife Fay back in 1982.  Gary and Fay play at Church together and play in and book 3 other bands together. He is buying, selling, trading and repairing all band instruments as well as drums and percussion. Over the years, Gary has also been a true supporter of the NAMM Oral History program, providing history and background information as well as suggestions and contacts.  He is indeed a drummer’s drummer!