Gary Myers


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Former Salesman
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Sherman Clay

Gary Myers is known within the music industry for his decades of retail service in southern California beginning in the 1980s with Sherman Clay. To record fans he is best known for a series of instrumental and vocal tracks beginning in 1962 when he was 19 years old. Gary played drums on several recordings that have achieved a cult-like following among fans and collections including sides of TIDE Records such as “Poor Little Baby.” He also recorded as a member of the Portraits and the Mojo Men.  At the time of his NAMM interview Gary was at it again, working on a new album. Gary has also written a number of interesting books on records such as "Do You Hear That Beat - Wisconsin Pop/Rock in the 50's & 60's" and "On That Wisconsin Beat - More Pop/Rock/Soul/Country in the 50's & 60's"  He also penned two method books, "Understanding & Using Chords & Chord Progressions" and "Understanding & Using Scales & Modes"  All four books are available on-line.