George Bunnell


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Musician, Bassist

George Bunnell was the original bass player for the band Strawberry Alarm Clock. If you were listening to Top 40 radio in 1967, you were certainly hearing #1 hits from The Beatles, The Supremes, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Monkeys, and Strawberry Alarm Clock! Written before the term “psychedelic rock” was even a thing, Incense, and Peppermints was a seminal #1 hit, and considered by many to be the first and perhaps one of the best examples of the psychedelic sound of the late 60s.  George Bunnell, bass player (who purchased his instrument at Wallick’s Music City in Los Angeles) and songwriter for Strawberry Alarm Clock takes us from his early days of being a teenager playing in a garage band in LA’s San Fernando Valley, to rocket to the top of the charts with Strawberry Alarm Clock in those heady days when rock and psychedelic roll became rock.