George Douglas


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St. John's Music

George Douglas's grandfather opened a small music shop in Canada, which his father managed following his military service during World War II. The small store chugged along over the years and served as a training ground for George as a salesman. As a teen he often stood on the show floor selling to customers much older than himself. George went off to college and pursued his love of flying, but was called back to the store after the death of his father. Wanting to help his mother, George decided to stay with the business. He began at once to focus on growth and expansion. He purchased small music stores around Canada and even built a few from the ground up. All along the way George poured his energy and passion into the school music programs to foster students’ interests in becoming music makers. At one point George had over 400 rentals out without contracts and collected no money on them because these were students and schools that could not afford the cost but had a strong desire to play. George made that possible. He co-founded an annual music festival in Winnipeg designed to showcase school band and orchestras, which has become a vital event for the Canadian school music programs. Even within the music products industry, George gave 100% to help grow and enhance music education programs. He served on the boards of NASMD and NAMM among others. Simply put, I feel his store should be renamed, St. George's Music!