George Klein


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George Klein first met Elvis Presley when the two attended Humes High School in Memphis. Over the years, George became one of Elvis’ closest friends. He was a part of many of the King’s important moments. George appeared in the 1957 film “Jailhouse Rock,” was a groomsman during Elvis’ wedding in 1967, and was a pallbearer at Elvis’ funeral in 1977. He also served as an advisor on many of Elvis’ projects, including the now classic recordings during the late 1960s at the American Sound Studio in Memphis. In fact, it was George who suggested that Elvis record a couple of songs including “Suspicious Minds." George also encouraged Elvis to work with several top songwriters, which resulted in material for the classic album "From Elvis in Memphis." George was a true champion of Elvis' legacy, writing his popular autobiography and hosting several radio programs dedicated to his friends memory.