Glenn Dodson


Oral History Information

Glenn Dodson played bass for a band he started with his schoolmates called Purple Haze. The band was high class, right down to their purple shirts! It was a fun experience that provided an entry into the music industry when Glenn took a “real job” at CBS Musical Instruments to supplement his gigging. Although CBS discontinued its foray into musical instruments shortly after, it provided great training, which he put to good use when he began working for Rose Music, the Yamaha wholesaler in Australia at the time. He worked with Peter Hayward at the wholesaler Australis Music. Glenn worked with Ikutaro Kakehashi, the founder of Roland in 1991, for the company's first expansion outside of Japan; Roland Australia. After retiring as CEO of Roland, Glenn later worked on Mr. Kakehashi's last company, ATV. Glenn proudly continued the legacy of his longtime friend, who passed away in April 2017, by helping launch the ATV drum products in Australia later that year.