Greg Laney


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Product Engineer, Purchasing Department
Company Name
Apogee Electronics

Greg Laney started working at Westlake Studios in 1982, right in the middle of the Michael Jackson Thriller session. It was an exciting time and Greg witnessed firsthand the producing talents of Quincy Jones and the incredible skills of his engineer, Bruce Swedien. Bruce would become a mentor to Greg. With the advent of digital recordings, Greg was among those who noticed some issues with the sounds, a problem that would be solved by Apogee’s filter. This introduction to Apogee led to a job with the company working closely with one of the three founders, Bruce Johnson. Over the years Greg has been on the design team for several of the company’s innovative products including their multi-channel audio interface, Symphony I/O. The project required working closely with the Apple engineering team, which helped to develop a great partnership between the two companies.