Greg Mathieson


Oral History Information

Greg Mathieson spoke passionately about his career in music during his NAMM Oral History interview. He brought up some very interesting points, such as his views on working on the road vs in the recording studio, and his experiences of developing a true musical connection with the vocalists he plays for. He cited examples such as Olivia Newton Johns’ show at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City when she sang her hit “I Honestly Love You” while Greg played solo piano and held on to her every note. Working with vocalists was very important in the early part of his career as he developed not only his playing chops but his philosophies of working with singers, such as Helen Reddy and Al Jarreau, as well as other musicians, producers and engineers. A good part of his interview also covered the instruments he used over the years including the Hammond B3, electronic keyboards and synthesizers.