Hagen Weise

Hagen Weise was born in Dresden. He shares his experience of his apprenticeship at Musima in a state run production in East Germany before 1989. Per day, four-hundred classical guitars were built until the material allotted for the day was used up. The guitar makers sometimes finished their work at 2 PM. After reunification Hagen Weise moved to Bubenreuth and started working at the Paesold workshop where he switched to making violins. In 2004 he received his master diploma. A colleague who worked at Höfner Klaus Clement and Hagen decided to open their own shop. Today Hagen Weise works by himself and makes 150 to 200 violins per year.

Interview Date:
August 6, 2019
Job Title:
Hagen Weise Violins

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