Hank Linderman


Oral History Information

Hank Linderman sang in his family’s church at a very young age and has a most incredible story of being in the choir that sang Happy Birthday to Maestro Igor Stravinsky. Learning the guitar and having a passion for playing, Hank formed a band after high school that traveled all throughout the state of Kentucky. He developed a love for the countryside and small towns that would supply any writer with ideas for years based on the people, traditions and lifestyles. His band became the house band for Mr. Charlies in Louisville for 3 years, which was an incredible experience for him. When the bar closed, he took the opportunity to move to Southern California. There Hank worked with a long list of artists including the band America and Joni Mitchell. Among his favorite roles in music is serving as Don Henley’s recording engineer, which included recording a track with Mick Jagger!