Hawley Ades


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Job Title
Former Music Arranger
Company Name
Shawnee Press

Hawley Ades was hired by Irving Berlin in 1932 to assist the legendary American songwriter with musical arrangements.  Hawley stayed with Berlin for five years before being hired by choir master and bandleader Fred Waring.  He joined Mr. Waring at the time the bandleader hoped to launch his own music publishing company, which became Shawnee Press.  Hawley wrote a noted method book on choral conducting and thousands of published arrangements for Shawnee.  In Fact, he worked for Shawnee Press until Mr. Waring’s death in 1984.  Hawley was born on June 25, 1908 in Bloomington, IL.  He graduated from Rutgers University and soon began his long career as a choral and orchestral arranger and pianist.  Hawley’s NAMM Oral History interview was completed on June 10, 2007 when he was 98 years old (please click on the image to view a video clip).  Mr. Hawley Ades passed away on March 26, 2008.