Hedges Capers


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Vocalist, Songwriter, Musician

Hedges Capers rose to fame in the late 1960s as half of the folk rock duo Hedges & Donns. He and his singing partner, Donna Carson (who was later his wife for several years) began singing together in 1967 and only had a few weeks rehearsal before making a big splash at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Not only did the gig result in meeting their first manager (Doug Weston, who was also the club owner) but a representative for Capitol Records signed the duo that evening. As an interracial couple in the late 60s, they did receive some negative responses but never from the audiences who embraced them and their music. They were even on the cover of Jet Magazine in 1969 and made several television appearances together before divorcing in 1976. Hedges continued to write songs and perform as well as act. He starred as the title character in The Legend of Hillbilly John released in 1972. In more recent years he earned his degree as a psychotherapist as did his wife, actress Nancy Locke. The couple co-wrote the musical The Geeze & Me about growing old, which Nancy directed when it debuted in San Diego in 2017.