Howard Summers

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Head Technician
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Cannonball Musical Instruments

Howard Summers is an instrument designer at Cannonball Musical Instruments, specializing in trumpets. Howard began playing the trumpet in the fourth grade in New Orleans and proudly can still recall his music teacher’s name, Jim Webber. As he developed as a musician, Howard learned to play a wide range of instruments including the French Horn and trombone. Inspired by his teachers, Howard earned his degree and became a band director in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. When he discovered one of his students was the daughter of the founders of Cannonball Musical Instruments, a strong friendship was formed. Since 2004 Howard has worked for Cannonball while he continues to teach. He has played an important role in the design and acoustical work of several brass models, adding his personal interest in the playability of the student models. After all, he may see those instruments in the hands of his students one day.