Jac Winroth

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This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Jac Winroth was born with a handicap that his mother insisted would never limit her son. She often played the piano for young Jac, which served as a great inspiration for him. He later took up the drums, and while he often said he was unable to take long solos on the instrument, he could keep the beat for the band. Jac’s understanding of music and business developed into his interest in forming his own band. The Jac Winroth Orchestra played clubs and ballrooms in and around Chicago beginning in 1943, taking its place among those big bands of the swing era that played the music that America danced to. Throughout his life, Jac was devoted to improving conditions for those with handicaps, often arranging for his band (and many other bands) to play for various fundraisers.