Jason Lovatt


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Sales Director
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Headline Audio

Jason Lovatt, sales director for Headline Audio, boasts a rich tapestry of experience woven through his journey in the music industry. From his start in music retail in 1997 to his pivotal roles at Roland and Sound Technology, Jason's passion for music resonates just like every chord he strikes on his guitar. His tenure at Sound Technology, spanning more than 15 years, nurtured invaluable connections and honed his expertise, paving the way for his current role as Headline Audio's sales director. Fueled by an insatiable love of music, Jason embodies Headline Audio's ethos of delivering quality and craftsmanship to musicians worldwide. With more than 50 years of collective industry wisdom, his leadership amplifies the brands they represent, transforming musical aspirations into tangible realities. At the heart of Headline Audio's offerings lies the iconic Nord keyboards, which symbolize Jason's unwavering commitment to empowering musicians and nurturing their creative journeys.