Jeffrey Pellegrini


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Ted Brown Music

Jeffrey Pellegrini was mentored as a General Manager for Ted Brown Music by Kent Isenberg, who had been with the company for over 50 years. Jeffery paid close attention to the way Kent approached each situation, especially challenges. As a result, Jeffrey felt he could carry on the position with respect to Kent and keep a close eye on the details of running the Tacoma, Washington based store. Along the way he has made many close friends with area school band directors and has played an important role in promoting elementary music programs. Jeffery attended several Orff educational programs (Carl Orff was a German composer and educator who taught the importance of engaging young children’s bodies and minds through the use of percussive instruments, singing and dancing) and became involved with the Orff programs on the local and national level. As the elementary music programs within the store’s business developed, Jeffery took great pride in the number of students who were exposed to music at such an early age.