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Portman's Music Superstore

Jerry Portman learned so much from his father and his grandfather about how to treat customers.  Those lessons became key as Jerry set out to not only take over the family’s music store, but to expand it over the years.  The small shop, which his father, Ben Portman, began in 1936, became the foundation for Portman’s Music Superstores.  Ben began selling guitars, accessories and used instruments in the early years but soon expanded into band and orchestra instruments.  When innovations such as the electric guitar were introduced, Portman’s was one of the first to offer the instruments to its customers.  The store later expanded to include music lesson studios and strong relationships with the local school music programs.  Jerry has expanded the company to include four locations in Georgia; Savannah, Augusta, Brunswick and Albany.  Jerry’s passion for music continues to be a key factor in the growth and development of his family’s music superstores, a fact for which he is very proud.