Jim Hart


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Director of Sales
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Tim's Music

Jim Hart has two passions, music and animals! His love of music began for him in the 6th grade when he began playing drums for the school music program. In 1981, his family purchased a music store, which was thrilling for young Jim. The Music Tree was located in Morgan Hill, California, (the South Bay Area of San Francisco), and became a training ground for Jim and was his introduction to the music products industry. As a professional drummer he performed all over the area and while in his 30s, he hit the road as a sales rep for Panasonic and Selmer. While with the independent rep firm of RCK Marketing with Rick Kylan, Jim represented Gemeinhardt Flutes for over ten years before becoming the Director of Sales for Tim’s Music in Carmichael, California. In 2007, Jim and his wife Kathy established Hartsong Ranch in Greenwood, California to follow his second passion, caring for animals. The ranch started off with the goal of caring for horses who were blind but has grown to care for more than 60 animals who were sadly neglected or abused. With donations and the care of volunteers, Hartsong Ranch has also created a program called Ethel’s Mission, which is named after a blind dog who lived to be 18 years old. The program encourages supporters to foster an unadoptable animal and care for them until their final breath, a process they call fospice (foster + hospice). The ranch, Jim’s love of music, and encouraging young students keeps him busy and very happy!