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Joe Chambers worked for music publishers in Nashville and became a successful songwriter. Joe wrote tunes recorded by Johnny Paycheck and Ricky Van Shelton, and was encouraged along the way by the likes of Conway Twitty and Billy Sherrill. Joe also recognized that the session players in the studio were true artists but were often overlooked as the great craftsmen (and women) that they really were. When Joe had the opportunity to recognize these talented studio musicians, he worked long and hard to open the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. As he dreamed it would, the museum honors the talented musicians who played on thousands of hit recordings! The museum is located at the famous Municipal Auditorium and includes displays that highlight such recording studios as those that created the Motown and Muscle Shoals sound as well as the Nashville Sound, which was largely credited to the studio musicians known as the A Team. And yes, Joe inducted the A Team at his very first ceremony back in 2006.