John Durrill


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Musician, Songwriter

John Durrill has enjoyed a long and successful career in music, which ranged from performing to songwriting!  In 1963, he was a member of the rock band The Five Americans, which enjoyed several hit records including Western Union and I See the Light.  John later joined the instrumental band The Ventures, touring and recording with the band for many years.  During that time he co-wrote the instrumental hit “Kyoto Doll” for the band.  His songwriting soon gained the attention of Hollywood, where he wrote for several movies including “Misery and Gin”, written for the movie Bronco Billy which became a number one hit on the charts for legendary singer Merle Haggard.  He also wrote “Dark Lady” for Cher (a number one hit record),  and “The Only Couple on the Floor” for Frank Sinatra, which was released on Frank’s Reprise label in 1975.