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Logan Media Services

John Logan became hooked on the Folk music craze and picked up the banjo as a result of the inspiration he felt from the genre. While attending the University of Tennessee, he formed a folk trio that became rather popular on campus. That group went on to tour and perform with Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians for two years and that led to them purchasing sound equipment from Waring’s sound engineer for the trio’s use post the Waring years. Soon thereafter, they were asked to rent their sound equipment for use at the Johnny Cash TV show. Upon realizing the potential to make money from renting sound equipment, John and his business partner Rich Carpenter formed Carlo Sound. They immediately became busy providing their services to, among many others, the Allman Brothers Band, and the Eagles. After an extremely successful 25 year career with Carlo Sound as an owner and a FOH engineer, John left Carlo Sound to start his own company, Logan Media Services. He did that for the next 22 years until finally selling the business in January, 2017.