John Majeski Jr.


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Past Editor
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Music Trades Magazine

John Majeski Jr. was appropriately given the AMC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 for a long career as editor of the Music Trades Magazine. During John’s era, the Beatles came to America and forever changed the industry. John wrote of the growth of the accordion in the 1950s and the home organ in the 1960s. John's father had preceded him as editor and in 1982, Majeski stepped down as The Music Trades’ editor to give increasing responsibilities to his sons, Brian and Paul. “They have proved themselves up to the job, and the best thing I can do is get out of their way,” he said at the time. Although he maintained an interest in the industry and the publication, by 1985 he had removed himself from day-to-day operations. Brian Majeski became editor in 1982 and Paul Majeski took over as publisher in 1985. John once said, “One thing is clear about this industry, innovation is just around the corner.”