John Mlynczak


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CEO / President beginning May 1, 2023
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John Mlynczak soared as a student on his trumpet. He engaged other students and teachers alike to gain the most out of their experiences together while in practice or performing for contests. He worked at Mars Music in high school and pursued his music education degree all while seeking to provide more education programs in the music industry. He worked at PerSonus and did exactly that, expanding the thought process into the marketing and sales department with questions that went to the core of the customer experience. John took his skill set to Hal Leonard for seven years before becoming the President/CEO of NAMM in 2023. With a passion to grow the industry and serve the NAMM membership, John has created a network of friends and supporters as well as business and education skills that can achieve just that. (Please note: John’s first NAMM Oral History interview took place just about a month before officially starting his new role at NAMM on May 1, 2023).