Johnny Catron


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Bandleader, Songwriter

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Johnny Catron formed his first band in Boston back in 1939, but gained fame as a bandleader and songwriter when he reformed his band following World War II in Southern California. Johnny was a whiz at writing bouncy and danceable tunes just right for the swing era. Johnny opened his own automobile dealership in Pomona, California in 1952 and later became one of the first Volkswagen and Porsche dealers in the U.S. The dealership allowed him to finance the dance band even after other bands folded due to the changing times. In fact, Johnny’s band kept playing in ballrooms and restaurants in Glendora and Pomona well into the 1980s. Among the songs he penned were “A Little Affection,” “There is a Time and a Place for Everything,” and his theme song “Love Day.”