Jojo DeStafney


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Job Title
Store Mascot
Company Name
Blues Angel Music

Jojo is the boisterous and colorful store greeter at Blues Angel Music in Pensacola, Florida. He takes his position very seriously. When people start arriving at the store in the morning, if Jojo is not greeted first he will very pointedly say "Good morning, Jojo", and repeat this until he is told good morning back. He has a bit of a colorful vocabulary, which comes with living in a music store. Jojo is a 27-year-old Macaw and has been a store fixture for the last 17 years when Jim, one of the owners adopted him. He loves to rip apart paper, and has been featured in promotional ads, such as Jojo is Shredding Prices! Like the rest of us, he has his quirks, and he especially dislikes the orange ladder that the store has. But mostly life is good with lots of attention from customers and staff, head bobbing, and treats.