Jonathon Breen


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The Music Shoppe

Jonathon Breen’s grandparents opened The Music Shoppe in 1961 in Bloomington, Illinois. Back then the name was spelled without the second P and the E, which were added later by his Uncle Randy when he expanded the business by opening other locations. Jonathon’s interesting intro into the business came when he was 15 years old and needed money to take his girlfriend to the school dance. He was given the task to wipe down the drum kits and music stands in the store. His uncle was impressed by his attention to detail and invited Jonathon to join the team. He helped manage a new location and served as a school road rep before leaving the store for several years to work for BGE and Yamaha. His years as a rep for Yamaha provided Jonathon with a deep appreciation for the need of strong relationships with school band directors, which he applied to the Music Shoppe when he decided to return in 2019 to transition into the role of President when Randy decided to retire.